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Its chemical formula is "HOCH CH OH". Its molecular weight is 62.07 gmol. It is also known as "ethane-1,2-diol", "1,2-ethanediol", "glycol", "ethylene alcohol" in the chemical industry. It is sticky, slippery, colorless and odorless. Miscible with organic compounds, alcohols, ketones and aldehydes. It is widely used in antifreezes, resins, polyester and fibers. MEG used in paints provides slipperiness and ease of application. It is an ideal solvent for gelatin, phenol-formaldehyde resin, alkyd resin and dyestuffs. It can also be a heat transfer agent.

The high difference between the freezing and boiling points of ethylene glycol expands its uses. It is generally used in antifreezes. In simple terms, antifreeze contains alcohol and sugar that do not freeze or have very low freezing temperatures. Antifreezes are added to radiators used to cool vehicles' engines or to keep them at a constant temperature. Thus, freezing of the water in the radiator is prevented. It is also used for the same purpose in aircraft bodies. There is antifreeze containing ethylene glycol in the water in which the aircraft are washed before taking off. In this way, the fuselage of the aircraft entering the extremely cold atmosphere in the air is prevented from freezing or icing.



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