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Latex (latex) is a milky plant extract found in nature, secreted by many plants and solidified when exposed to air. Its main source of production is a type of rubber tree, a milky liquid. Latex is a complex liquid composition and contains many substances such as protein, starch, alkaloid, sugar, oil, gum, tannin, resin. In many plants latex is white in color, but in some plants it can also be yellow, orange or red. Latex polymerizes into its monomers by emulsion of surfactants and can also take its synthetic form. Contains ammonia as a solvent. The mouth of the package should not be left open as ammonia evaporates quickly.

When ammonia flies, it becomes rubbery.

Usage places;


  • To provide stretch in thin and flexible palsitic materials,

  • Exam glove, balloon, packing rubber, eraser

  • To provide fiberization in rubber greases used in industrial industry



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