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Silicone based defoamers are also ideal materials to prevent foaming of foaming systems. It is recommended to use silicone defoamer compounds in systems that are more viscous - concentrated (less water) and emulsifier-dense. Defoamer emulsions are used in water-based, high water-ratio formulations. Active ingredient ratios and emulsion stabilities differ. When choosing an antifoam, it is recommended to make a test in the formulation to be used and to check whether it decomposes by checking the oven stability.

It prevents the blockages due to foam from getting air and the pipes in the system from getting air, preventing the business from being damaged.

Silicone based defoamers are transparent, colorless and odorless. Low pour point, high flash point, wide temperature range operation, low viscosity changes at low temperatures, excellent lubricating properties, high dielectric strength, RI values ​​are from 1.3970 to 1.4000, it is relatively inert with any material. It also has high heat resistance and high dielectric strength.



6 - 8% by weight in GROUP I base oils

6 - 10% by weight in GROUP III base oils

10 - 8% by weight in RECYLE base oils / recycled base oils



  1. SHAMAPRENE 161 shows excellent compatibility with original base oils and recycled base oils.

  2. Good compatibility with other additives

  3. Free-adherent spherical particle with an average particle diameter of about 4 - 6mm.

  4. Its superficial value is higher than the dominant ratio.

  5. It is dust-free and easier in terms of workmanship than Block VI.

  6. It is not sticky.

  7. Dissolved SHAMAPRENE 161 dissolves and mixes easily in finished oils .


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PACKAGING  : 60 kg drum, 200 kg barrel

STORAGE     : Keep away from moisture and water contact for long-term use. Store in a cool and airy                                     warehouse.

HANDLING   : Normally handled under ambient conditions. The product is not flammable, explosive and                                 corrosive

FIRST AID    : In case of contact with hands, wash thoroughly with soap and water.

SHELF LIFE : 3 years from the date of manufacture.


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