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Ca (OH) is a white powder or crystalline substance with no color as its chemical formula. It is obtained by blending calcium oxide with water. Hydration is the extinguishing event of unquenchable lime. After a while, after adding a little amount of water to the hydrated lime, the lime piece foams and slowly cracks and disperses, and at the same time, temperature rise and evaporation occur. As a result, calcium hydroxide phenomenon, which we call slaked lime, occurs. Another name of this event is hydratic lime.




  • It is used in water treatment plants to clean groundwater and to increase the pH level in order to prevent acidic water from damaging the pipes through which it passes.

  • Abundant amounts are also used in the paper production industry. It is a component of the kraft process (the process of converting wood into pulp).

  • It is preferred to use calcium hydroxide in different areas for very different purposes. One of the main reasons for this is that calcium hydroxide is cheap. It is also used as a raw material in mortar and concrete materials used in the construction sector, petroleum refining industry, pesticides, and also in depilatory creams.

  • Calcium hydroxide is also included in the food industry. It is used in soft drinks and water preparation process, in the sugar industry to separate sugar from sugar cane, to strengthen fruit juices and to increase calcium in baby milk.

  • It is used in bleaches. It is widely used in tanning industry.

  • It is used to create biological balance for the survival of snails, algae and corals in aquariums.

  • It is used in the formation of soap in calcium soap greases in the industrial industry.






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