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TBN-400 (Ca) is used for blending very high sulfur fuel of marine oil and high quality internal combustion engine oil, especially engine oil. it is viscous, brown and easily flowable liquid. TBN stands for total base number and measures how much active detergent and dispersive additive is left in your engine oil. As the spindle is added, the number of TBN decreases as detergent and dispersive additives are used. TBN-400 (Ca) can provide lubricants with excellent high temperature detergency, acid neutralization ability and anti-rust perfarmance. TBN-400 (Ca) reduces high temperature deposits.




1) Excellent Alkalinity.

2) Excellent high temperature detergent and thermal stability.

3) Strong acid neutralization ability, good Anti-rust and anti-foam ability.

4) Better compound synergist inner effect can be achieved with the addition of ashless disperse, anti oxidants and corrosion inhibitors.



It is adjusted according to the desired TBN rate.

0.5% to 3.0% by weight in motor oils

3% to 25% by weight in marine engine oils

TBN 400 EN-

Additional information:

Packaging         : TBN - 400 (Ca), 230 Kg barrel.

Storage             : Store in a cool, airy warehouse and maintain a storage temperature lower than 158 ° F                                 (70 ° C) for long-term use and avoid contact with moisture.

Handling           : In case of contact with hands, wash thoroughly with soap and water.

First aid            : In case of contact with hands, wash thoroughly with soap and water.

Shelf life           : 3 years from the date of manufacture

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