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Rede corrosion inhibitor package is made from SNA Dupont - a nitrite-free dibasic acid blend, primarily providing proportional to C11 and C12 excellent ferrous corrosion inhibition. Used in a variety of anti-corrosion applications, including metalworking fluids, antifreeze, engine coolants, metal cleaners, aqueous hydraulic fluids, and die-cast release agent.

It consists of a mixture of dibasic acid, undecanedioic acid, dodecanedioic acid, sebacic acid, C4 - C9 dibasic acid, monobasic acid.


Iron Corrosion Protection Inhibitor package is diluted with water containing 100ppm hardness (as CaCO3) to a solution with 0.12% wt concentration tested as a corrosion inhibitor of light carbon steel using a linear polarization resistance electrochemical technique.


REDE Corrosion Inhibitor Package Additive

Preservation of light carbon steel

INHIBITOR                      Corrosion Rate mil / yr                % Inhibitor *

No Additive                    53

REDE Cor. Inhibitor       0.06                                                 99.9%


Pck Superier corrosion Protection


The Rede corrosion inhibitor package is an economical aqueous super concentrate that can be used to formulate coolants that provide frost and corrosion protection. It is recommended that price evaluation take precedence but achieve higher performance free of potentially harmful additives such as nitriles, amines and phosphates.


The coolant is also silicate and borate free. The benefits to users are as follows:

* Corrosion protection

* Frost protection

* Boil protection

* Incompatibility

* Seal compatibility

* Hard water stability

* Metal wear protection

* Lower costs

Pck relative corrosion inhibitor performance tested using ASTM cast iron chip test D 4627

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