GOODPOUR 4550 Pour Point Pepresent, PPD

GOODPOUR 4550 is a Polymethacrylate type pour point depressant recommended for the lubrication of base oils. It is highly recommended for use in a wide variety of engine oils, gear oils, hydraulic fluids.

GOODPOUR 4550 is also effective in controlling low temperature viscosity under shear conditions.



Depending on the degree of freezing desired, typical dosages vary as follows:

Engine Oils: 0,05 - 0,5% w / w

Gear oils: 0.2 - 1.5% w / w



GOODPOUR 4550 has been evaluated on base oils (according to ASTM - D 97). The typical effect of increasing usage rates is tabulated in the table below.  

Performans Tablosu EN Pma tip ppd en

** The table is for illustrative purposes only. Results will vary with different base oils.

PACKING                            : 180 Kg steel barrel


MIXING AND STORAGE     : Maximum mixing temperature is 90 C. The product should be stored in the shade. If the product is stored under suitable conditions, it is at least 1 year.


COMPATIBILITY            : GOODPOUR 4550 is completely soluble in all new generation base stocks at any concentration. Compatible with most commonly used additives in final lubricants.